August 24th -27

In CAMEROUN,the COPORWA delegate ,Executive Director,is participating in the workshop organized by REPALEAAC(Reseau des population autochtones et locales pour la gestion durable des ecosulystem forestiers d’Afrique centrale) where we will increase the kills on the rights of the indigenous people or marginalized people in case of Rwanda in terms of protection of biodiversity and mitigate the climate change issues this improving their living condition.

COPORWA has participated in several International events on behalf of the Potter community.

JULY 11-16, 2011

Alexis Ingabire gave a presentation at the Fourth Session of the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Geneva in 2011. See the below link for the full presentation.

COPORWA presentation

The Socio-Economic Situation of the Historically Marginalized people in Rwanda

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