Why did CAURWA change its name to COPORWA?
Formerly known as CAURWA (Communaut├ęs des Autochtones du Rwanda-translated to Indigenous Community of Rwanda), we switched our name to COPORWA, the Community of Potters of Rwanda, in 2006 for political reasons. For more details, contact us.

Who are the Batwa?
The Batwa are one of the three former ethnic groups of Rwanda which existed prior to the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. Because of the division that ethnicity brought which lead Rwanda to Genocide, the Government of Rwanda banned the use of ethnicity to prevent further division and unify the country. For this reason, the Batwa are not allowed to mention their ethnicity but are rather known by the new constitution of Rwanda as Historically Marginalized People (HMPs).

Are Historically Marginalized People/HMPs Potters?
Historically Marginalized People are known as potters because of their transition to pottery as a way to make a living. They had to make this transition when they could no longer hunt and gather for sustenance in the bush.

The Socio-Economic Situation of the Historically Marginalized people in Rwanda

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