In Education : Since 1995 COPORWA supported children from the Potters Community ,now we count 700 completed secondary schools, 70 completed university studies and 200 completed vocational training in partnership with Government of Rwanda. More than 50% of adult from Potters community are illiterate by the funds of Action…
In Gender: In 2009 COPORWA carried a research in Nyaruguru District on Gender Based Violence ,the findings has shown a high rate on GBV among Potters women ,High rate of drop out of schools ,high rate of early marriage and early pregnancy basing on the recommendations of this research Since 2012 ,with NPA Funds Under Ending Gender Based Violence project COPORWA carried a lot of activities in southern province Nyaruguru District which GBV prevention and responses ,this project contributed to the raising awareness on GBV issues ,in GBV responses many and various cases have been reported to and solved , in GBV prevention we created IHANIRO which is a group of youths which aims the prevention of Early marriage, Early pregnancy ,Drop out of schools and Drugs use . For more information refer to documentation
In Health : Since 2012 COPORWA has carried many sessions on improving health of Potters and their living standards we carried out also many dialogues and sensitization on health reproduction . For more information refer to documentation.

The Socio-Economic Situation of the Historically Marginalized people in Rwanda

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