Traditional dancing and pottery are the most distinct aspects of the Potters’ culture. Pottery has become a primary way for HMPs to earn a wage. Potters still continue to engage in traditional dancing, but not as widely as they used to, especially given that in the past this was a way for them to earn a wage. Additionally, many other Rwandans have adopted some form of their dancing and are generally more able to partake in dancing than Potters are.


Historically the Potters/HMPs in Rwanda lived in the forest hunting animals and harvesting forest fruits. However, due to environmental protection policy and the expansion of tourism in Rwanda, the Potters have had to leave the forest and attempt to integrate into the rest of society. The respect of the environment has been vital to the livelihood of the Potters. On behalf of the Potter community, COPORWA shows a commitment to protecting the environment.

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The Socio-Economic Situation of the Historically Marginalized people in Rwanda

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